College Tax Credit. . .which year to declare?
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I paid for my daughter's second semester in Dec. 08. The entire second semester takes place in 09.

Can I "save" this tax credit for my 09 return, since I have maxed out any benefit for my 08 return, paying for the first semester?

This has nothing to do with the modest bump-up to $2500 for next years college tax credits.
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I know my spring semester tuition has always counted toward my parents' previous year tax return, FWIW. Ultimately, it depends on how her university files her 1098-T tuition statement: you should have received it by now. Maybe you could call the cashier's office at her institution and ask them to revise it so it only reflects the tuition for her fall semester?
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might help
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What did your 1098-T form say?
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Read. Weep. Move on with life.

Thank you for the info.
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