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So, when I was younger, some kids my age would say "yeah security" as if it was a quote. To be sure, there was a lot of inflection on it. "YeeaaahSECURITY!!" Is this a quote? From what?
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Are we talking 1970s, 80s, 90s -- what?
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tcv's profile says he's 38, so if we're talking teen years, mid 80s.
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Best answer: I think the Idea is, you're calling for security. Like, some crazy person is bothering you at an office, and you want them to be hauled off. I've seen that in movies and TV shows.
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Response by poster: Yeah, 80s. As I recall, lots of folks would say it the same way. This led me to think it's a quote. I am 38.
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Maybe from a recurring sketch on SNL or In Living Color or similar?
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Best answer: David Spade as the passive-aggressive receptionist from late 80s SNL, perhaps?
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what were they saying it in response to?
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Response by poster: I don't recall what provoked the response. I believe it was used in all types of situations.

What the current answers indicate is that this wasn't as wide spread as I thought. It may simply be something that was passed around the school yards in a particular area, not necessarily from a movie or some other media. That's okay. I've just always wondered.
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I think infinitewindow has it.
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I recall it hearing it all the time as a kid in the 80s. Usually said with a low kind of disbelieving tone on the yeah, and drawn out "Yeahhhhhh..." a pause and a sharp "SECURITY!" said with authority. I'm pretty sure it was from the skits with David Spade where he played the receptionist to Dick Clark and rejected all sorts of people who wanted to see Dick Clark or maybe from his role as a flight attendant on Bastard Airlines. Either way I recall the way it being said as very typical of Spade's asshole like comedic delivery.
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