Life of a user experience consultant
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What's it like to be a user experience consultant?

I have been pondering leaving my company as a user experience manager and consultancy is an option. I have been working with a large company for over 5 years so I have a fair idea of what it's like as part of an in house team. I want to get an idea of what the world of consultancy, or a consultant for an agency, is like. What are the general pros and cons? Are you a user experience consultant now and love it? I'd like to hear about it. Did you used to be one and would never go back? Why?

It would be additionally great if you can give advice specifically about the London area. Even more specifically, I would need to apply for the highly skilled worker programme (currently under a sponsored permit) before making such a move but I'm assuming that's all I need?
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I work as a freelance/contract user experience architect in London, so I've seen a fair bit of how user experience works within different agencies. Personally I love what I do, and I've yet to have a truly bad work experience. I don't want to discuss it too much on a public forum, but MeFi Mail me any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Or email me using the address in my profile if you'd prefer.
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I have a friend that does this. He makes great money, and works from home. The only issue for him is healthcare, and I take it that wouldn't be an issue for you.

If you're going to do this, you need a list of clients that will use you regularly, of course. Then again, I asked him if he would recommend just doing it without that client list, and he said it might be worth it. Keep in mind, someone calls - you take the job and work your butt off for them. You've got to produce great work all the time.
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