What sites are out there like Kuro5hin?
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Repost: What sites are out there like Kuro5hin? By that, I mean sites where you can read articles about diverse topics such as How to brew beer, Steganography, Scoring Baseball Games, US Electoral College Changes, Strike Fighters, the Future of Money, Theory of Relativity and Low Carb diets. The reason I ask, is because k5 has been troll-infested for quite some time now, despite the occasionally interesting article. Of course, I'm looking primarily for community sites with discussion.

Link-based sites like Mefi don't count. Submitted articles, rather. And I know of Plastic.
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Response by poster: Well, E2 is a pretty distant cousin in terms of similarity. It's meant to be a pseudo encyclopedia where people talk about literally anything and everything.

I'm looking for the community-equivalent of a magazine covering diverse topics. k5 is the closest I've found.
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I would love to find another K5...I was totally into it for about a year, but it totally went to hell after a while.

I still get the FP newsletter, and it seems like some folks are still trying to valiantly post some cool stuff, but still, when you look at the threads, they're just filled with troll-crap.

I do miss threaded discussions, though--I'm not saying that MeFi has to have them, but you can cram a lot more structured conversation into a good threaded model than you can into the "slo-mo IRC" of a flat model.
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What is the "FP newsletter"?
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Oh, I guess it's really called the "Daily Digest"--it's a daily e-mail that summarizes the posts that have made it to the front page that day.

If you have a K5 account, there's an option on your "Edit User Info" page to have the summary delivered daily, weekly, etc.
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Email story digest yay! I know I'll be visiting more often now.
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