Sources for free icons to use for my .bat files
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Where are good places to find icons to use for the .bat files that I've written? I'm looking for 32x32 or 48x48 icon (.ico) files, that are free and nice looking, but not ones from existing applications. Thanks!
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for (these are 16x16), but i use these for .bat files:
posted by blenderfish at 8:06 PM on February 26, 2009

awww. I always loved shell32.dll & moricons.dll
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Hongkiat may be just your icon ticket.
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Icons are incredibly fun to make, which would give you an endless supply of free icons, completely to your own specifications. If you're not good at drawing them, you can start with a photo and play with it. I used to use Microangelo back in the day, but I'm sure there are all kinds of icon editing programs that will get the job done.
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Iconfactory is great with an enormous amount of free - and beautiful - icons.
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The Windows Icons section at DeviantArt has some nice stuff.
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