Do slide projectors still exist out there?
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Help us find a slide projector in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

My father is very very ill and tomorrow is his birthday. My siblings and I want to put together a slide show for tomorrow as most other birthday doings wouldn't be enjoyable for him in his current state. Our slide projector is in Seattle. Does anyone know of where we could buy/rent/borrow one in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? I can't find anything and we are running out of time.
We are looking for the old 35mm (I think) slide projector. We have trays and trays of old slides.
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Try National Camera. If they do not have it, they know where to get it.

Multiple locations in the Twin Cities area.
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Also, look at a Goodwill. I was in one a few days ago in Minneapolis that had 4 or 5 of them just sitting there.
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Also ask at your local library. We borrowed one once from our library at no charge.
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If the above don't work, try a community college. I've always borrowed from mine when I've needed to.
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Just came in to say what Kangaroo said. Check the library. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of equipment my local branch had available for check out.
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IF you where 120 miles north (Duluth) you could borrow mine, so close, so far.

These people may be able to help

they don't list slide projectors specifically on the website, but do have an office in Minneapolis and a free number to call and check.
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thanks everyone! we got one.
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