Can I put 2 Forever stamps on one envelope?
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Can I put two Forever stamps on one envelope?

(This is in the USA.)

I am mailing a size #10 (business sized) envelope that is about 1.5 ounces according to my kitchen scale. The envelope is thickish (think about 10 pieces of paper folded together), but light. It's a knit glove wrapped in a plastic grocery bag inside an envelops that my cousin dropped in my car. I'm mailing it back to her. I'm in NYC, she's near Boston.

According to, it costs 59 cents to mail this envelope. I have a whole bunch of Forever stamps. The Forever stamp is good to mail a first class letter until the end of time, at whatever price a letter goes for at the time of mailing (currently 42 cents). I am more than happy to slap 2 Forever stamps on there (losing 25 cents in the process based on the current price of a first class letter) to get the envelope mailed and not have to walk to and wait in line in the post office.

My question: would two Forever stamps on one envelope = 84 cents of postage? Or are the Forever stamps only good on letters under one ounce? My googling isn't getting me anywhere. I know that it'll probably get there with even one stamp, so I'm tempted to just throw it in the corner mailbox with 2.

(Mods, couldn't decide if this should go under "government" or "grab bag" or maybe even "work & money" - we're talking cents here! Feel free to recategorize.)
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I've put two Forever stamps on a letter before, and had it arrive quite safely at its destination (and it was quite heavy.) (And I know it arrived because I got the rejection slip less than a week later! Yay!)
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Yes. The Forever stamps are valued as the current 1-ounce value, which is 42 cents right now. Two Forever stamps will be valued as 84 cents.
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If it's not machine-processable then you may in a totally different category, more or less.

So, thinking about the dimensions

- a letter is 1/4 inch thick or less
- a "large envelope" according to USPS is 1/4 to 3/4 inches thick and will cost $1 to mail first class
- if your envelope is thicker than 3/4 inch then it's a package and will cost $1.34

re: Forever stamps, USPS says "The value of the Forever Stamp is the domestic First-Class Mail letter price in effect on the day of use."
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Awesome. My cousin will have her long lost glove back early next week. It's less than 1/4 inch thick, so 2 stamps it is, and I won't have to deal with the utter hell that is my local post office on Saturday morning. Thanks!
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