Skitch like app for Windows?
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Is there a screen capture program or browser addon for Windows (Vista, ack) that is better than Gadwin Print Screen or as awesome as Skitch (Mac only, ugh)?
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I like jing. It allows you to take screen captures as well as screencasting. Once the capture was taken it then allows you to upload it to their site, flickr or to an FTP server. It also can auto select windows or you can manually draw what you want.
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Best answer: Snip should already be installed with Vista - at least it was with mine. Took me awhile to realise it was there!
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You need to be more specific.

Why do you need a screen capture utility? I mean, the process isn't complicated, and Windows can do it by itself with Print Screen, so I'd need to know more to provide an effective answer.

You mention Gadwin. Why don't you use it? Is there something in particular wrong with it that leads you to want to find something else? Some feature that it doesn't have that you need, or one it does have that you're looking to avoid?

What is it about Skitch that you do like? What about it makes it "awesome" in your eyes?

Basically, I think the question is just way too broad to garner helpful answers. You're going to simply get a ton of "I use XXX" responses (mine follows...), which IMHO won't be useful to you at all - you'll just end up wasting a ton of time downloading and installing applications that will turn out to not be what you want.

That said, I use SnagIt for the all of the screen captures for my books. I don't think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and there are things about it I definitely don't like, but overall it's a good tool that gets the job done and it was cheap.
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I like Faststone Capture, myself. It has several different capture options as well as a nifty built in image editor. Works on all flavors of windows.
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Response by poster: RobHuddles: I'm sure different screencapture programs do different things, so its open to interpretation. (whenever I'm specific in my questions on MetaFilter, I don't get a response).

Simple "print screen" has some pretty obvious limitations, so anything else is immediately better.

Skitch is cool because it not only will automatically post online, but provides common sense ways to easily annotate an image without having to fireup PhotoShop.

As a blogger, the less programs I need to open, the less steps to post to make a point, the more creative options, the better.

VodkaBoots: Snip, I believe, is for Vista tablets only, sadly.

Will try out the rest and report back.
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Seconding Faststone Capture. Also Hypersnap DX. Both allow annotation after capture. Sod using a website to share your stuff - like any given Google tool, it's the quickest way to sellout your privacy. Just email your JPG or GIF to a friend.
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Oh, yeah.. Portable free Faststone Capture here.
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Um, Windows key + "Snipping tool" works on any Vista machine.
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Snip, I believe, is for Vista tablets only, sadly

FWIW I don't have a tablet (I've got a Thinkpad T61P) but I do have Snip ... strangely enough I only found it the other day by accident ! Maybe it's down to Vista version ?
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Bitviewer (search it) is nice. Doesn't even have to be installed - I use it a lot. Will grab screens, windows, or a rectangle-selected portion if you need it.
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printkey 2000
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Fullshot is very nice. Less of the internet integration like Skitch but much better annotating, drawing tools.
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I quite like SnagIt.
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