If you were stranded in Oxford, OH, what would you do?
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I have a chance to spend a day or two in Oxford, OH, home of Miami University. What is there to do?

I live in Cleveland, and my band just booked an April 30th, Thursday night gig in this town. I'll be staying overnight and have all day Friday and potentially the rest of the weekend to see the sights, probably on bicycle. I've never been there, and I don't know anyone who has, so I'm wondering if there's anything worth checking out while I have the chance. Things like restaurants, other concert venues, cultural gems like museums, or even neat architecture, parks, natural wonders, unique stores, etc would be great. Anything south of Columbus that I could hit on the way home would also be good. Hell, while I'm at it, if you live here and would be willing to let four musicians crash at your place for a night or two let me know.
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Let me tell you this as a former undergraduate and former employee at MU, spending around ten years there.

No. Damn. Thing. At all. It's a land grant university in the middle of nowhere with a student population known for their extreme whiteness and heavy tendency towards binge drinking and general alcoholism.

Seriously. Although for biking it's nice enough to get around on, I guess. Architecture's nice enough if you like red brick. Lots of red brick. There's an art museum in the southeast corner of campus that has a nice collection of Leica cameras if you like that sort of thing. I'd recommend going there, and then going uptown and see what trips your trigger; I always liked Bagel and Deli if that's still there. Uptown is small, just go down the main drag for three or four blocks and you're basically finished.
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Seconding Bagel & Deli. It's still here and still mind-numbingly delicious.

But as far as "cultural gems" and the like, there isn't much. Hueston Woods (a nature park of sorts) is nearby, although the weather may not be decent enough to justify a visit.

If you're desperate for a place to stay, my apartment is pretty roomy and I'm sure my friends wouldn't mind, although 4 might be a squeeze. MeMail me if you're still desperate for a place come late April.
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Bagels. Visit the part of campus where the Western College Program resides. It's the prettiest part of campus and yes I am saying that b/c I went there. That's the one shred of the school that isn't all white bread, and the University is getting rid of it soon. See it before they turn it into another Yeager Stadium parking lot.
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If you don't know anyone there, the best thing to do in Oxford is to leave. Get in a car and spend some time in Cincinnati. It's about an hour's drive.
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Yeah, my brother's a senior at Miami. Recreation is "get drunk uptown" or "get drunk in Cincinnati." Don't get your hopes up.
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Drive to Yellow Springs. Or, if you're into photography, I seem to remember some burned out brick buildings or something else I thought was interesting-looking on the road heading towards Dayton.
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