Firefox, Adobe and tiffs, oh my!
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How do I tell Firefox to use the Adobe Acrobat plug in to view tiff files?

For my work, I get sent a lot of CD-ROMs that contain tiff files. I would like to set my Firefox settings so that I automatically open and view these tiff files with Firefox's Adobe Acrobat plug in, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tell Firefox to do that using the Applications settings in the Tool/Options menu. The only option the Applications settings gives me is Adobe, not the plug in. It says I can browse for other applications, but I can't figure out how to browse for the plug ins. Any help immensely appreciated.
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Is there a reason that you *have to* use Firefox + Acrobat to view them? There are many image viewers far better-suited to the task.

Example (free and simple): Irfanview
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You really are trying to take the long way around just to view a tiff.

The default image viewers in both Windows (Picture and Fax Viewer) and Mac (Preview) display tiffs natively. And, as Robson suggests, there are third-party viewers. I'm not even sure the Acrobat plugin can display a naked tiff.
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