Newport Beach hotel/nightlife suggestions
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Newport Beach Bachelor Party Help - Lodging? Bars?

A semi-impromptu bachelor party has come into my hands this weekend and the only part that is planned is a chartered fishing trip out of Newport Beach (Ca). I'm trying to figure out that best place to find a hotel for the night in the area that is a)near some nightlife and b) not too nice that we could cram a bunch of dudes into a room but c)nice enough that might have a fridge/internet. The dudes in question won't be too rowdy - there will be no drugged donkeys AFAIK.

Difficulty: I'm in Norcal and have a slow internet connection as my guide. Help me LA denizens. You're my only hope!
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My favorite Bar in Newport is Muldoon's, in Newport Center, near Fashion Island.
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Muldoon's is cool. And near Muldoon's, there's a Marriott, in the same shopping/entertainment area.

There's also plenty of beach-y, dive-y nightlife down on the Newport Peninsula -- Shamrock Bar, Malarky's Bar, Balboa Saloon, the Beach Ball. And of course, oh God if you're into that, there's the Goat Hill Tavern (shudder).

Newport Beach is a weird mix. Of course, there's the high class OC lifestyle places. But there's also more than enough fun dive bars.
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