I need a water pipe!
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Where is the best place online to buy glass water pipes?

i'm not looking for $400 party items or wicked mushrooms. i just want a simple, fairly short (8-10in) water pipe. I do like this but i know nothing of rollies.com.

so please help me, dear metafilter - where can a girl get a simplistic, no hassle water pipe sent to her via the internet? i'm in oklahoma, if it matters.
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Unfortunately, that kind of paraphernalia is illegal. It shouldn't be, but it is. Tommy Chong served 9 months in the Federal pen for selling water pipes. Which, I would imagine, has probably deterred a lot of other people from selling such things.

So it's likely that your range of choices will be poor, and those claiming to sell such things are likely to be dodgy.
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un-true. There are plenty of sites that sell them, and why not? Tobacco can be smoked in water pipes. Try grasscity.com or even etsy.com (the best part about etsy is you can deal directly with the artisits)
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I'd be loathe to buy a waterpipe on the internet, simply because they're fragile and I'd be afraid of them breaking en route--unless the shop offered a guarantee of some sort. Aren't there headshops in OKC or Tulsa? If not, take a drive out to Springfield, MO (my hometown). There you'll find the Cosmic Fish and Kaleidescope, both of which have dozens and dozens of waterpipes of all shapes and sizes.

That said, Chocolate Pickle is totally and completely full of shit on this topic. The fact that Chong got busted illustrates that he didn't follow the proper nomenclature and "procedure", not that the item itself is illegal. (Basically, if you don't purport to sell them for marijuana use, and they don't have marijuana residue in them, they're not technically paraphernalia.)

Alternatively, you can make your own (like I did in high school). Get a glass bottle that you like--I used an "old style" coke bottle. Get a dremel, with one of the diamond cutting bits. Carefully, slowly, work a hole at the top of the bottle. Sand down the sharp edges. Get an aluminum arrow (like for a bow). Cut it down to a length such that it almost touches the bottom of the bottle, and sticks out two or three inches. Epoxy (high temp) a ratchet (wrench) head of appropriate size to one end of the arrow shaft. Slide the arrow down into the bottle through the hole, and again use the high temp epoxy to seal around it. Insert a screen in the ratchet head. Add "tobacco", and smoke.
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I've bought from 1 Percent. It was fine, no problems.
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everyonedoesit.com has good reccommendations
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