Piano parts online?
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I'm restoring an upright piano and need a good online source for parts.

I've googled for some piano part suppliers and the sites that I've found so far set off my "Don't deal with this business" alarms. I really don't want to trust a site that looks like this with my credit card information. Plus they're hard to use or require *ugh* calling the company to order. How 20th Century...

Mostly I need small, cheap parts like bridle tapes, some felts, and plastic key coverings that brick-and-mortar stores seem to have no compunction about marking up.

If it turns out that I'm disregarding some good sites because they have circa '98 designs, feel free to tell me. I'm being picky, I know, but my scam sense has never led me astray before.
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See what your scam sense thinks of this place. I've ordered from them before, been satisfied.
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Response by poster: It's ringing a little less hard actually. Is it normal for these sites to not use online ordering or shopping carts?
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Best answer: Try Vanda King's Piano Showcase
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