Freeware or shareware games for old iMac (256MB, either 266 or 333Mhz)? Especially first person shooters?
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I'm giving away an old tray-loading iMac (256MB, either 266 or 333Mhz, I really can't recall right now) to a friend and have loaded it up with productivity-related stuff. Now I'm looking for games I can download. Freeware and shareware, preferably, as opposed to warez (although if you care to recommend a NES/SNES/etc. emulator ...). In particular, is there a decent FPS I can download for this machine?

It's running Jaguar.
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Da nun da nun da nun da nun MARATHON!

I don't know if it's OS X compatible, but the Marathon games are where it's at in terms of older macintosh FPS. Made by Bungie of Halo fame no less.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm an old Marathon partisan -- long nights on the LAN in our apartment with our separate stereos cranked, to the delight of our neighbors -- although I am trying to avoid installing OS 9 on this if possible.
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SNES Emulation
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Marathon for OS X!
Still need the original disc, or at least the files off the original disc, or the files off the demo. But, hey, OS X.
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