Help me locate this bar of chocolate from Switzerland!
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Candy! I've looked all over for a bar of chocolate that I bought in Switzerland, but I can't find anywhere on the internets or the local gourmet shops. It's called Cailler Cremant, and looks like this. I'll be eternally indebted to whoever can find a retailer, online or off, for the U.S. market.
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It's 'Caillers Cremant', for one. I found a few Caillers bars, but regrettably not the one you're looking for. Good luck!
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There's this.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I saw that one, m_b, and I'll go for that if I can't find the full size bar.
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If you can't find it online send me an email, I'll look in the shop here and stuff a few in an envelope.
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Looking at their home page, they don't appear to show Cremant (which you may well have found for yourself already. They also don't show a non-European partner for distribution, so you might be out of luck in getting some domestically. Have you tried contacting them to find out how you might get hold of some?
A full list of Caillers products can be accessed here, it looks like the bar you want is under 'Tafeln' in the menu to the right. That leads you here. As far as I can see, the shopping facility linked from the nestle site don't deliver to the states though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the offer, sebas. I'll take you up on it if I can't find a source in the U.S.

I did contact them, biffa, and they pointed me to a swiss online retailer (I can't find the name now). The shipping and tax was something like $50(!) for ten bars, which is a little too steep.
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It appears this German shop sells it as well, but you'd have to inquire about the shipping cost to the US. To europe it costs 10 euro.

Keep in mind that 10 bars of chocolate = 1kg. I had a quick look at the swiss post office site and if it fits in an envelope it is CHF 18 (12 euro), while a package will cost CHF 38 (25 euro).
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