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[FindThatShirtFilter/DressMeFilter] I know I'm supposed to be eyeing off this seller's Etsy products, but I'm sorta more interested in the shirt her model's wearing! Anyone know where I can find it? Or recognise what brand it is so I can check out their other gear? And/or (while I'm at it!), different stuff entirely but with a similar feel?

My wardrobe needs some revisioning and I'm looking for stuff that's a bit more grown-up than tshirts (my current wardrobe, including for work, which is in a very casual office) whilst not being all stiff-plain-business-shirt corporate-ish either.

The shirt the model's wearing here (third pic down) is totally rockin' the (or "a") vibe I'm after: subtle pattern, soft-looking fabric (too rare in women's button-down shirts!), slightly dorky, not stiff or staid-looking (probably that pocket helps to keep it casual, here), not hyper femme but not masculine, capable of being worn to work or with jeans.... Know where I can find it?

Or stuff like it? I'm colour-open, at least in theory... whatever... I need some change. Dress me, MetaFilter!
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I've seen similar shirts at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic; although their current collections are in those light, spring colors, there are a few cute, sort-of similarly cut shirts on their websites (I like this one and this one). I've also seen cute, not-quite-so similar shits at Urban Outfitters and Express.
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People on Etsy tend to be pretty friendly, why not convo the seller and ask?
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I have bought similar shirts from J Crew, Boden and Ann Taylor. I've gotten a lot of great, retro inspired, non-frumpy or overly girly shirts and skirts at Ann Taylor. They have really good sales sometimes.

That shirt also looks like it could be vintage 70s or 80s, so maybe check out your favorite vintage sources as well.
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I have this shirt and it totally utterly rocks. The fabric is soft but holds a shape, the length is perfect to keep untucked or barely tucked in (not gobs of extra length), the slightly western-style is hip but not over the top, and the most important thing (for me) is it's not femme but not super masculine either. I can't wear guys' shirts (as much as I'd like to) and this has been a fantastic purchase. It comes in a blue color too.
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What size are you, more or less? Because my other suggestions will be different if you're up to a US women's size 10 or so, or over (size 12+).
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sciencegeek, that IS an option... don't be so logical! :P I just feel a little bit weird (irrationally?) about contacting her about something that's not her wares -- and, to boot, asking her for a favour that could involve her having to go to as much trouble as asking a friend (I assume one could be modelling for her) about their wardrobe, heh!

Plus, asking here might yield (is yielding!) me some extra outlets! "Find a woman a shirt..." vs "Teach a woman where to look for a shirt..." etc etc. But thanks for the suggestion; I've considered it and haven't entirely dismissed it out of hand yet.

pluckysparrow: vintage stuff! Noted!

I should note that I'm in Australia. I won't always be, so I'm not adverse to hearing suggestions on non-Australian stores too, but at the moment I'm gonna be restricted to ones I can mail order from. And stores that exist in Australia are of course preferred.

barnone, yeah, I hear ya on wanting to wear guys' shirts: I've so considered buying men's shirts and learning to sew 'em into a more feminine shape.... if only I could be bothered learning. They come in so much better colours and patterns!
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barnone, I'm a US size 4-6. Closer to a 4.
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We kinda have the same preferences, although I can't tell how much femme you're willing to tolerate. Shaped seams? Pintucked fronts? Poofy sleeves? None for me. Here's what has worked for me:

- Tuxedo ruffle/stripe. Hard to pin down exactly the one, but looks awesome with jeans or black pants. This Theory one isn't perfect but you get the idea.
- vaguely military style, hopefully with epaulets and at least with roll-up sleeves. James Pearse perfected this one (best in black or white, and WAY better in person) recently and there are a few versions of it (like this).
- check vintage places, although I get frustrated in general huge Goodwill-type places and hit up the better-edited places, even if it's slightly more expensive
- JCrew, Anne Taylor and Banana sometimes, although all that stuff seems to be getting MORE femme-y. Anne Taylor loft is sometimes a better bet. Run like the devil from Talbot's unless you're a bigger gal.
- Other, more urban brands I like: G Star Raw, Diesel, Triple 5 Soul. Check places like Karmaloop and Urban Minx and Revolve. This Ben Sherman one is cute and this Da-Nang one isn't bad.
- Preview - if you're a 4-6, also check places like Urban Outfitters.
- This Boy Fit Shirt by AG will be killer and this pinstripe one could be cute.
- Check out Columbia, North Face, and Patagonia at Zappos, REI, or your Australian outdoorsy place - they have some really nice-fitting button up shirts these days. Sometimes a little too hippie for me, but check them out.

But get that first one I linked, I honestly think you'll like it :-) I get lots of compliments on it, even from people who have a different style.
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I convoed estasketch at Etsy and she told me that the shirt is a brand called Regatta, bought from Myer in Australia, it's a couple of years old, and it came in navy and olive, and that it's an awesome shirt! *waves to estasketch*
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