Please help me covert my pdf pleadings to Word
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How can I best OCR an oddly formatted document using Adobe 9 Standard?

I am trying to convert to Word/OCR some pleadings with line numbers on the side and a caption at the top with multiple names and addresses. The footer has the title of the document, case number and a line in it.

The line numbers seem to be causing the primary formatting problem and making weird numbering intersperse with the text. The caption and footer are also causing problems, although not nearly as much as the line numbers.

In the past I have used a whiteout tool to remove the line numbers and captions/sig blocks, but can't seem to do this effectively in Adobe Standard. I'm trying to avoid using Pro.

Does anyone have any suggestions/brilliant ideas on how to do this? Adobe 9 Standard and MS Word are the only options for this project.
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Just to be clear, what exactly is "Adobe 9 Standard?" I don't think Adobe (which is a company) makes a product called "9 Standard," so you're most likely talking about something and omitting its name. People will be most able to help you with the software if you tell them what it is.
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Probably talking about Acrobat 9 Standard.

Might try this, which was covered on Lifehacker today. Read carefully at the bottom of the Lifehacker post to see how to get into the closed beta.
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Sorry, yes, I mean Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.

Thanks for the suggestion deezil, but I need to find the best way to do this using only MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.
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Not sure if Acrobat Standard can crop, but that would be the easiest way to get rid of line number and any footer/header.
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Oh, and also I have docXtools for the cleanup after the conversion, if that makes a difference.
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