Multimonitor mouse cursor wraparound, please.
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Can you find a program to wrap the mouse cursor around three monitors?

I have three monitors (thanks Mefi!), total horizontal resolution 4560px. It's getting annoying having to move the mouse all the way across my desktop; can anyone find a Vista utility that will connect up the left edge of the left monitor with the right edge of the right one?

Oddly enough, I found it for Mac. Google is clogged with alienware wraparound gaming monitors, though, and I can't seem to find anything else.

Cheers guys.
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I bet you can configure Synergy to do this, by running the client and server on a single machine. Usually Synergy would bridge desktops but it's flexible enough I bet it could do this.
posted by doteatop at 12:54 PM on February 24, 2009 will handle this without problems, just connect the left edge of your screen to the right edge, as if there are multiple monitors...

Let me know if you have questions configuring it.
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I have had good luck with inputdirector which lets me run multiple computers and share the keyboard and mouse across the screens this way. don't know if that is exactly what you are thinking though.
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multi-monitor mouse
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nthing synergy.
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Seconding rhizome, Lifehacker has a post on multi-monitor mouse this morning.
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Response by poster: multi-monitor mouse is nice but is keyboard-shortcut only.

I've installed Synergy but not yet had time to configure it. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
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Maybe this posted on Lifehacker today? It's not an autowrap, but you could hit the keyboard shortcut fairly quickly.
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Whoops, didn't see where someone had posted it already (damn my old eyes)
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Response by poster: Hmm, Synergy doesn't seem to like connecting to itself... am I just doing it wrong?
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Best answer: For Completeness - Katrielax emailed me and here's my response..

When you launch synergy, go to Advanced and name your Screen - I made mine CC0 (which is what I was using when setting up about 10 other screens, so I had CC0 through CC10)

Next Select Share this computer's keyboard and mouse, and then click configure. You should see at the top a list of screens it knows about (should just be yours).
And in the bottom, click where it says New Link, and define it using the boxes at the bottom, so you want 0-100% of the left of CC0 going to the RIGHT of CC0

And then click the + sign at the bottom, and you should see a new link in the Links Section - CC0 is left of CC0

Add another, 0-100% of the right of CC0 goes to the Left of CC0 MAKE SURE TO CLICK THE PLUS SIGN so that it adds it to the links section.

Click OK and then Start, you should see the correct behavior.
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