Vegetarian meals in Edinburgh
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Eating out with quality vegetarian options in central Edinburgh?

Looking for suggestions on dining places around the middle of Edinburgh (UK), especially ones whose vegetarian dishes are known for being at least as good as non-veggie options. All styles are welcome, italian, indian, greek, thai, chinese... while I wouldn't say money is no object, it's by no means the most significant factor in my choice. Links to websites are especially welcome!
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Hendersons has been around forever - so has Banns
posted by rongorongo at 12:14 PM on February 24, 2009

Seconding Hendersons, it's really nice food.
posted by Happy Dave at 12:18 PM on February 24, 2009

Banns is excellent. Highly recommended.

Happy Cow lists 19 places in or around Edinburgh.

Excellent city. I miss it all the time.
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Not a veggie myself, but my veggie in-law very much likes the Khukuri Nepalese restaurant at Haymarket.
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I can't recommend David Bann's enough. It was a delight.
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In terms of veggie-only places, I'd also recommend the aforementioned David Bann, and also recommend Kalpna, an Indian restaurant that serves a very different style of food than you would find in a typical Indian restaurant.
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Another vote for Henderson's. I ate lunch there a few times a week when I was working around the corner.
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Another vote for David Banns. Had a fantastic smoked tofu with noodles there.
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nthing kalpna. legendary.
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