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I need a package to facilitate collaboration among a group of people spread across the Internet/globe. Ideally it would track staff, projects, to-do lists and contacts. Open source (PHP/mySQL) would be ideal. Any suggestions?
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Well, there's BaseCamp by 37signals.
I'm also releasing a package that'll do that, but more for organizations that have to track and bill for time-spent on particular pieces of applications, in about a month and a half.
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(I don't think you'll find one that's *good* that's open-source. Most of the good ones that are easy to use are proprietary and/or cost.)
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There's PHPGroupWare.

For task management, I'm all about Alex King's Tasks Pro (link is to multi-user version; I purchased Tasks 2.0, the single-user product).
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Gah, I tried phpgroupware and hated it.

Tasks Pro looks interesting.
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Not open source, but BaseCamp might work if you don't mind a hosted service.
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Oops, sorry Special ;-) me=dumb
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It isn't open source, and I'm not sure if it would do everything you're looking for but I'd suggest checking out Web Collaborator.

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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Basecamp looks like exactly the thing.
Has anyone used seriously?
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basecamp has been discussed here before.
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wiki's are good for this kind of thing.
talk to dash_slot- about how he found the experience of managing / collaborating with wikis over the web.
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ewwww. not everyone likes wikis. we lose a lot in ours - it's got lots of info, but is an unstructured mess. maybe we're not using it right?
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