Best way of avoiding fees when cashing US cheques in UK bank?
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I'm British living in the UK but I get sent lots of US cheques in US$. Best way of minimising fees/costs for cashing them?
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Talk to your bank; when I was in this situation, I was able to get the bank to cut me a deal to make it cheaper because it was a regular deposit and I'd been with them for years. Mind you, this was a few years ago when the banks were still in decent shape...
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Citibank UK (and presumably some others) will let you open a dollar account, based in the UK. It's free to accountholders, I think, unless you want the ability to write your own dollar cheques too, in which case there's a monthly fee. This way you can bank the cheque for free, then transfer the balance into your Citibank sterling account, or, with the usual ridiculous 3-4 day wait, into another UK bank sterling account. This avoids charges, but you'd need to check which exchange rates were used.
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