You don't need to hear me gasping for breath.
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I have a Motorola SX900 Talkabout FRS/GMRS radio. I need a compatible headset with a boom or throat microphone and push-to-talk, for somewhere in the $20 range. The slimmer the better, but I'll take pretty much anything.

I do not want a VOX (voice activated) microphone. I also do not want an earbud/capsule microphone headset (like the sort commonly used with cellphones).

None of the Motorola headsets have what I'm looking for. Their PTT models all have inline capsule mics, which aren't going to work.

This would be the perfect form factor, if it were PTT. But, it's VOX, which just isn't going to work... my communicational partners hardly need to hear me cursing or gasping for breath. And they do need to hear the first second of my communiques. Every VOX product I've ever owned has pissed me off within minutes of first using it.

I've found a couple of tactical-style throat microphone headsets. But, $300 is about ten times my budget on this.

(I also tried modifying another headset to work... busted out the soldering iron and everything. Unfortunately, I had no success in that endeavor. It's like those wires are made of fairy hair.)
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Response by poster: Wow. Ya'll are real helpful.

Anyway, I went ahead and bought one of the headsets that I said would be perfect. My plan was to just build a PTT button with a jack and put it inline with the headset.

Turns out that on the Motorola radios, you can convert a VOX accessory to PTT simply by plugging it in, turning on the radio, and then pressing the transmit button on the radio itself. After that, you can just use the transmit button on the radio, which works just great for my application.

This is, of course, documented nowhere on the web that I could find. So, I'm hoping that google or the like will pick it up here. Which is why I'm posting this.

Jeeze... what kid of askme requires the OP to answer it himself?
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