how do I file taxes in the UK?
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I lived in the UK in 2008, I need to file a tax return. please walk me through it.

cliff notes version: moved to london mid-2008 and stayed until late december. I did freelance work there. I am a EU citizen but until now have filed in the US. I don't know when, where and how to file a tax return in the UK and I am presently not there anymore but of course need to file if I want anything back.

anyone want to outline how to go about this for me?
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There's a pretty goof FAQ here.

If you spent less than 183 days in the UK during that tax year (and looking at your dates it may be a close thing), you probably won't need to pay any tax to the UK government.
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Good, not goof. If it were goof I wouldn't have posted it.
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I think I'm a bit above that. 200 days, something like that. in any case, I want to file because I expect to get something back. any ideas when the due date is?
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Who are you expecting to get something back from? If you were freelance (as in self-employed) then you haven't paid any tax.

If you were employed and your employer deducted tax from your wages (ie. PAYE) then you don't file a tax return you need to fill in Form P85 and send it to your 'local' (as in the tax office that dealt with your tax) tax office with parts 2 and 3 of your P45 (your employer should have given this to you when you left)
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I worked as a freelancer for many agencies billed through a PAYE Umbrella Company, so plenty of witholdings were made. given that I didn't earn a lot that year I am hoping to get as much as possible back.
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You need to fill in the P85 then, it says to send your P45 too but if you don't have one then send along your payslips.
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The UK Tax year runs 5th April - 4th April, so 2008-2009 is still "active". The closing date for you to file a paper return will be end of October (I think) and Electronically at the end of next January (again, I think).
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