Software for making clever information visualizations?
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How to make clever visualizations from Excel or CSV data? Any free, flexible information-graphic scripting software out there?

I'd like to make a stream graph or an emergent dot graph (like this one) using some time-stamped, categorical spreadsheet data.

Any recommendations for a graphing toolkit that can generate info graphics from CSVs?
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I don't believe it does stream graphs, but ManyEyes has a number of visualizations that can be applied to your data.
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Python code for stream graphs
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Gnuplot. You can script just about any data display with some work. You can also embed Gnuplot inside LaTex, which is generally why I do it (think shell script + gnuplot + latex = automated graphs and reports). It's also a powerful realtime plotter all on its own, not just for automation.

I also second R
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R is awesome, but may be hard to get immediate results from. The Quick-R homepage can help, although it recommends reading An Introduction to R and R for SAS and SPSS Users first.

If you need visualization that R can't do on its own--I'm not finding discucssion of stream graphs--you might check out ggobi, which I don't know much about except for that it does super-nifty data visualization and has hooks for R to use via rggobi.
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flash based, commercial, and rather nifty: Fusion Charts. the free version has a watermark on the frame of the graph.
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Also, following links from the previous MeFi post, the Python library used to create the LastFM graphs is available: Graphication .
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processing is very flexible but possibly more complex than you were looking for.
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Response by poster: Others apparently have the same questions.
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Response by poster: And others have more answers
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