Need a quiet, portable printer
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Need portable, very quiet, printer.

I have a big trial coming up involving lots of documents, and I need a portable printer that I can use in the courtroom. That means it needs to be portable, and very quiet.

It needs to connect to my laptop via USB or firewire. It doesn't need to run on batteries, I will have AC power. Price is not a big issue.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Cannon ip100 was the best option when I looked around. Good printer, I would not
consider it to be super quiet though. I only mention it in case all other portables are noisier.

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A nearby kinkos might deliver documents to the court room the same day if you ask them. I suppose this might have unacceptable risks attached.
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Does it have to be plain paper, or would thermal be ok?
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Thermal paper would be fine, I suppose - does it make a difference?
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Thermal printers can be very quiet as they don't have moving print heads. An example is the Pentax PocketJet.
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