Want to fatten up a little on Fat Tuesday!
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Anybody know where to get some paczkis by Fat Tuesday in D.C.?

Well, tomorrow's Fat Tuesday, and there's nothing I'd like to mange on before giving up sugar for the Lent than good ol' traditional Polish (or close-enough) paczkis. Any ideas where to get some around D.C.? Must be public transportation-able.

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According to their advertisements, Giant grocery stores will be carrying paczkis. Woodmoor Pastry Shop in Silver Spring carries them, too (from what I've heard).
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My local Safeway in Rockville, MD has them--I imagine other local ones will too.
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If by some reason Safyway and Giant fail you, you may want to try the (Eastern -- mostly Russian) European Bazaar in the (ridiculously international yet suburban) stripmall at 1488 Rockville Pike, about half a mile from the Twinbrook stop.
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Best answer: Not to be a pedant, but paczki is already the plural -- no s required. The singular is paczek.

On a more useful note, the Kielbasa Factory in Rockville looks promising.
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Best answer: Wow, the Kielbasa Factory looks very promising indeed. Mmmm.
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Response by poster: God in heaven, the Kielbasa Factory looks exactly like what I'm looking for! Sadly, I do not look forward to the hour-plus ride out there. Ugh.

Thanks! And keep ideas coming that might be closer to D.C. (Columbia Heights, in particular)!
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Woodmor Pasty Shop in Silver Spring.


(Google Local is your friend...)
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The Cherrydale Safeway has them. Not exactly metro-accessible, though.
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