What's a good female-specific purse/laptop bag for a 13" Macbook?
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I bought my wife a unibody aluminum 13" Macbook for Christmas. She loves the laptop a lot but only has an old fashioned clamshell briefcase style carrying case for laptops, which was designed for 8 pound, 15.4" screen lap monsters. Can anyone recommend a female specific purse/laptop bag that is stylish and designed specifically for the 13" Macbook, or a vendor of an assortment of different styles of such bags?
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I've seen things like this at the OfficeMax kinds of stores. You could almost use any kind of small notebook sort of case. I know someone who has one of these kinds of things- it's just a padded case that's really no larger than the computer, but has a carrying handle. That works for day-to-day lugging around, and she just slips that case into a larger bag if she's carrying one.
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incase. Have one in black for my MacBook Pro. Its a little light on storage, but I love it otherwise. You should be able to find it at an Apple store near you.
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Go with a sleeve over a bag. There are numerous kinds from completely hard to completely soft. But they all can be fitted into an ordinary bag, which makes them much both more versatile and fashionable than any laptop bag I've seen. Plus, not everybody can tell at first glance you're carrying a laptop.
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They're a bit pricey, but the folks at Knomo make some lovely bags. 13" specific ones are here.

MacRumors also has a pretty thorough laptop case buyer's guide.
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I suggest you check out etsy.com. Not because I know there's a fantastic bag that perfectly suits you there, but because I found a really excellent, and excellent-looking, laptop bag there when I was looking for one for my SO. It was just streets ahead of anything from a computer store or overpriced-funky-bag company.

My SO's bag was from the apparently-slightly-famous Janine King Designs:
...who may or may not have something to suit you.

There's a ton of random Fimo/knitted/blah stuff on Etsy that's of little use to anyone, but there are also some quite serious small businesspeople who specialise in things like this.
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I gave my wife a Marware Sportfolio for her laptop. I got it at the Apple store where I bought the MacBook. hey might be available for less on Amazon. She loves the snappy color. The outer casing is made of neoprene rubber, like the scuba diver suits. T
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I love Acme Made bags; the "Kate" and "Trixy" are a bit more feminine-looking. However, as a 13" (non-aluminum) Macbook owner, I've preferred having a Crumpler "Gimp" sleeve, so I can carry my laptop in any of my larger purses and am not limited to one laptop-specific bag -- however, I've wondered if the Acme Made "Slim" might work well as both a bag and as a sleeve.
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I have always coveted this Timbuk2 bag. I've never had a laptop small enough to fit. It's perfect for 13" macbooks, and soooo cute! You should look around the site, as there are some messenger bags that can be made feminine by choice of color as well.
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Seconding Acme Made. Whenever I carry mine, at least one person asks me where I got it. I have the Slim and it's lasted for over six years with very little wear, despite lots of use.

That said, if I were buying a case today, I'd get the Cargo Slim. It's a bit of pain to have to pack the cord, etc., in another bag.
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Nthing the Acme Made suggestion, especially the "Trixy". I don't personally own one but I spend a lot of time lusting after them.

Kolobags has a gigantic selection of stylish laptop totes by many brands, and it appears that a lot of their selection is on sale.
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My wife has this black Kensington bag and really likes it. It has a feminine, purse-like stylish appearance, but the inside is all business with plenty of pockets and pouches.
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I have several bags for my new 13" macbook, but my favorite is my funky-looking green Built cargo laptop sleeve -- the neoprene makes for excellent padding, and it has 3 pockets - a big one for the power brick, a medium one for your ipod, and a little one for your headphones or USB stick. Even loaded up with peripherals it's very slim, which makes transporting it in my hand luggage or backpack very easy.
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I have this Mobile Edge bag and I love it! It has a removable padded insert for the laptop (it fits a 15 inch laptop but would probably be ok for a smaller laptop as well) as well as support at the bottom of the bag so that it can stand upright. It's roomy enough to carry all the cords and accessories you need as well as books or papers. And it has a little pouch inside that I use for makeup and a pen or two. It looks great and I've gotten several compliments.
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You could peruse the laptop bags at eBags.com. They've got a ton of different styles and you can sort/narrow by anything: size, color, material, price, etc.
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I can't say enough good things about the laptop accessories I have bought from WaterField. I have a Cosmo and a sleevecase and they're great. I bring the Cosmo to work everyday and it has withstood my abuse. For two years at grad school I used the sleevecase in a backpack and my laptop held up great.
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This is more of a business-y suggestion, but perhaps try: Cross (the fancy pen people)

somethng more casual (not necc female specific) which i also looked at was the Sling by Booq Bags
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Golla makes some pretty great, and greatly pretty, bags.
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I got my bag from Pinder and I love it. It's a bowling bag style - looks feminine and is very hard wearing.
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