children's book: old man turns into a dragon??
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Looking for the title/ author of a children's book about an old man who saves a Chinese village by turning into a dragon?

looking for a beautifully illustrated story book i believe is from the late 70s/ early 80s. The story takes place in a Chinese village on the verge of being attacked. An old man wanders into the village begging for food. Everyone refuses him except for a little boy just outside the village, who shares his rice. In gratitude to the boy, the old man turns into a gorgeous dragon and saves the village from the warriors.

I'd love to get the book for our kid who is showing an interest in dragons and Chinese culture. I've asked at our local independent children's bookstore, and they were stumped. no luck on the google... thanks...
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Best answer: Come on, man. Everyone Knows What A Dragon Looks Like!
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Response by poster: THANK YOU!!! THAT'S IT!!!
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And thank you mrmarley for asking. I was looking too and all I knew was the Illustrator, Mercer Mayer, who's illustrated a jillion books.
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