What skype capable videophone devices exist?
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Are there any Skype capable standalone videophone devices other than the ASUS AiGuru SV1?

I'm looking for a simple device I can configure and give to my parents so they can easily video Skype with myself and others. The ASUS AiGuru would seem to fit the bill perfectly (no PC required, wifi enabled, big buttons and simple interface, small enough I can see it fitting in their kitchen rather than being tied to the "computer room"), but the reviews haven't been the greatest.

They have a laptop and desktop with skype, but things always seem to go wrong (part user error, part flakey hardware, part resistance to using a computer to make calls when a cordless phone with speed dial is so much easier), and my mum is more a "simple device with buttons" person rather than a "logon and use the mouse to do x,y, an z" person.

Are there any alternative standalone video phone devices out there which can be made to work with skype, or techniques to improve the AIGuru (like swapping out the pitiful battery with its 20 minute of power with something a little longer life)? I've seen the Ojo phone, but my understanding is that its not Skype compatible (yet).
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