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FontFilter: I'm looking for a font similar to this one, except with non-loopy and straight horizontal strokes. I'd like it to look handwritten, and to be free to download.

I am really only interested in the uppercase letters. In the font linked above, I like the overlap on the horizontal strokes on the letters A and H and the wide stance of the letters.
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if nobody ends up finding what you want, you should try this site. I did it, and it was very easy and kind of embarrassing to see how terrible my writing is even when I'm being extra careful.
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Check out this site's handwritten fonts. There are 163.
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Have a look through Blambot, one of the Dialogue fonts might be what you're after (some are free for non-profit uses; the rest are only $20-30).
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I'd also look at -- I'd browse the "Script" category, but Flux Architect is filed under "Fancy - Various" so you might look there, too.
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tons of fonts at -- that's often where I go when I want to find old fonts from the 90s I can't find in my backups.
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Try out the Stylus BT font. Its what we use for drafting text. Its pretty similar to the one you linked.
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This woman creates fonts out of people's handwriting. If you look around, you may find one that fits your needs.
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Toms Handwritten is a similar font.
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The strokes lack that drafting pen look of pooling ink, but Bradley Hand in bold caps gives the kind of overlap you're looking for with similar structures and is a pretty standard system font.
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Your link is a bit off houstonian

here is the corrected link for Toms Handwritten
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