Power Supply for PSR 740 keyboard
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Where in Vancouver, BC might I find a replacement power supply (I believe it's a Yamaha PA-6 adapter) for a PSR 740 keyboard?
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The Yamaha website can help you out.
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Almost all synths will take a generic multi-voltage wall wart, which you can get at any electronics store. If the power input is a little hole with a pin sort of thing in the middle, you're in luck. Just look for a little label on the back that details the power requirements. If it says, for example, 9VDC 500Ma, the "9VDC" is the voltage it needs and the "500Ma" is the current it draws. You'll want one capable of outputting the correct voltage and that equals or exceeds the current. There will also be a little diagram that looks something like this:
This tells you that the pin is positive and the hole is ground. Most devices are wired like this. You'll need this to put the wall wart's removable input jack on the right way.

If the power input isn't the hole-and-pin type and looks more like a computer's keyboard port or some other kind of jack (not likely, you usually only see these on laptops, external hard drives, etc. that need multiple voltages), or if it reads, say, 12VAC and needs AC power, the multi-wall-wart won't work and you'll need something more specific. Actually, what you should do is just write down the power requirements on the back, take it to a big electronic store, and ask someone to help you find the right adapter. It shouldn't be a big problem, most large electronics stores sell power adapters out the wazoo.

Don't worry about using a third party power supply, about half my synths were purchased used without one and run off generic wall warts, just make sure you get one that outputs the right voltage and can supply enough current.
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They have them on Amazon.com ...
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Yeah, I'm hoping to get one ASAP rather than online.

Thanks DecemberBoy! It is indeed a hole with a bit...it says DC IN 10-12V and the diagram is +@-. Does that look like something readily replaceable? I was planning on hitting the stores tomorrow hoping for a generic adapter, and then some of the yamaha discussion boards scared me off, as a few people said generic adapters wouldn't boot this particular keyboard. Hopefully they were just misinformed.

A sticker on the bottom does indeed says Yamaha PA6 Power Adapter...a site I found online says the specs for that are:
120V, 60Hz unit

Draws 38W

Outputs 2A and 12V
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That should be easy to find. You'll probably need to get an adapter that puts out 12VDC only, as multi-voltage ones usually don't go as high as 2A, plus they're more expensive. So get one that outputs 12VDC/2A (the current rating of the power adapter must be equal to or greater than the power requirements of the device, but not less). Copy down the little polarity diagram and make sure you get an adapter that has the same diagram on it. Or just bring the old one with you, I assumed you didn't have an adapter at all.

I don't see why a generic one wouldn't work. A wall wart is a wall wart. If someone tried one and it didn't work, it probably was the wrong polarity or couldn't supply enough current (2A is pretty high, most wall warts are around 300-500 mA).
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