Way to Increase Mouse Pointer Speed?
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Under Windows XP, is there a way to make the speed of the mouse pointer increase when you plugin a mouse, but decrease when you're just using the touchpad? Thanks!
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In the control panel there are settings for the mouse...you should be able to have separate settings for the mouse and touchpad.
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Response by poster: I thought that too, but I'm not having any luck finding it.
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This may be what you mean by your last comment, but buried under the properties panel (I have a tab for the touchpad device, and then there's another settings button I can hit once I'm on that screen) on my laptop there's a speed setting for the trackpad. It's really more like a modifier on top of the Windows mouse setting, so I don't know how useful it really is.
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If youre using the generic HID driver from Microsoft then you wont have this option. In this scenario windows will just see it as a regular mouse. If you install a third-party touchpad driver you can have much more granular settings. The manufacturer of your laptop usually provides this driver. Most likely the synaptics driver will work.
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Drivers here.
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