Keyboard rearranges letters
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My keyboard is substituting letters: a and q are switched, z and w, punctuation rearranged; It is not the keyboard hardware itself - tried with a different keyboard; I rebooted; I am at a loss for what else it could be: Sorry for weird punctuation:
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Best answer: You've got it configured for a french (AZERTY) keyboard layout somehow.
posted by sergent at 1:39 PM on February 21, 2009

Response by poster: By the way, I am using an iMac about two years old:
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Response by poster: Wow. Now I feel silly! That completely worked. The accented letters where the numbers should be should've clued me in...
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For future searchers, if you are on windows, then ALT+Shift will switch between installed keyboard layouts.
posted by Iteki at 4:24 AM on February 22, 2009

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