eating plastic by accident
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I just accidentily swallowed a small piece of plastic from the plastic wrap around a plastic spoon.

Am I going to die?
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how small? was it pointed?
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Am I going to die?


Er, in the "we're-all-going-to-die-someday" sense. But will you die from the plastic wrap? No. The plastic is more-or-less inert to the stuff in your body, and will pass through undigested.

I suppose, if it was large enough, it could conceivably get stuck somewhere and start obstructing things. But if you can describe it as "a small piece" that's not going to happen. (And even if it did, it's not like you'd die instantly with no warning. You'd know something was wrong within a few days and have plenty of time to get yourself to a hospital then.)
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I doubt it's horribly toxic considering it wrapped a sterile food-related item. But, come on man. What do you think poop is? It's crap like that that your body doesn't digest. You consume 1000 milligrams of minerals when you take a vitamin pill.

Drug dealers swallow entire plastic and latex balloons to smuggle drugs into this country. They live happy productive lives until gutted by large men with one eye in the back of a tattooo parlor.
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This would be a good time to leave me all your money in your will. I will take good care of it; I promise.
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When I was in kindergarten I decided to impress my friends by making a sandwich bag disappear. I swallowed it. They were impressed. I am still alive at 26 years. I don't know if it ever came out the other side -- I'm not into picking through feces.

I did once watch a TV show about sharks and how terrible it was that they were finding garbage bags and such inside their stomachs, and that they were dying of this. Well, I'm not dying. I don't know if it's still in there or not, though. :-)

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Response by poster: Thanks for the non-snarky answers. No thanks to the opposite.
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I'm not into picking through feces.

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Coulda fooled me. ;)
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It wasn't a small piece of plastic, but I know this old lady who swallowed a...well, long story short: she died.
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