How do i unlock my Peugeot 306 boot?
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How do I fix my Peugeot 306 D boot central locking problem. The cars central locking unlocks and locks fine with the key. This used too also unlock the boot however the boot now no longer unlocks and the 1 key i have has never been able to turn in the bootlock effectively meaning my boot no longer opens.
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Did you get the car new or used? If you got it used there's a chance that the key you have is the valet key, which work in the ignition but not in the boot.
I had a Volvo with this problem, so I took it in to a dealer and they made me a new key in 10 minutes for pocket change.
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Can you open the boot from inside the car somehow? If there is an electrical problem, often it's just a broken wire where it goes through the door jamb. If you can manually open the boot, remove the door trim and try to apply power directly to the door actuator. If it operates, chances are that the wiring is faulty, probably where it flexes in the door jamb.
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Response by poster: the car i bought about 14 months ago privately so i nly have 1 key.

im not sure it i can open the door from the inside i had a climb in the boot. by applying power can i use one of those mini 12v batterys?
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the car i bought about 14 months ago privately so i nly have 1 key.

That's exactly what I was getting at. The previous owner probably lost the master key, and the key you have works on the doors and ignition but not on the trunk. If you go to a dealer, the dealer can make you a new master key that will let you into the trunk.

Getting into the trunk is your first order of business. The electronics are of secondary concern.
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Seconding valet key. If the locking system is pneumatic, like it is in my old Mercedes, electronics are not the problem; you may have a leak or a plugged line. A vacuum gauge may help you find the source.
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