Tax help for self-employed Portlanders?
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Tax preparer with experience helping self-employed folk, ideally in Portland, OR?

Two married writers with lots of deductions in 2008 (travel, new house, new baby).

We're looking for someone who'll do more than just hand the 20-page questionnaire we filled out to an assistant to stick into a program and spit out our returns. Someone who has some, you know, advice to offer. Someone affordable, too.

We'd even consider someone elsewhere if they're absolutely awesome with the self-employed magic.
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I've used what is now Sheridan Tax and Accounting, in Beaverton, for the last 11 years and recommend them highly. Mike Sheridan has done some fairly standard returns for me, as well as more complicated ones involving overseas residence, income from multiple contracts (self employed), etc. Mike and his staff are very personable, always remember who I am, and yeah, the returns are done by human beings. :)
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We're not self-employed, but I've been happy for several years (through housebuying, baby having, etc.) with Sandra at The Bookkeeping Company (503-252-9197) even though going to her office is pretty much my only reason for going to Gresham. She appears to do the books for many small businesses and, likely, self-employed folks. I assume that she ends up doing their taxes as well.
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