What would make your office a nicer place?
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In a week I'll be moving away and leaving behind the tiny law firm that I've worked at for the last several years. I would really like to purchase something for the office that will make my (soon-to-be-ex)co-workers' workdays a little brighter. However, I'm stumped about what would be an appropriate, and appreciated, gift.

We have a very small lunch-room, and already have a coffee-maker and microwave. Demographically, there are four women and one man working here. Geographically, it's a place that stays cold and miserable for six months of the year, and excrutiatingly hot for the rest.

I'm not too concerned about the price point, although I certainly won't be springing for a new laptop.

Any unique ideas?
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Best answer: What kind of Internet connection do they have? Would a Squeezebox be too much, price-wise? Might need powered speakers as well, or something similar, IIRC.
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Sandwich grill? Or kitchen too small? A box of those sealed don't-have-to-refrigerate half-and-half creamers (*not* coffeemate)?
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Some kind of incredibly delicious fruits every month for a year (or even six months)? If it's cold and miserable for six months out of the year, then really good fresh fruit is probably impossible the find otherwise. That's what would make me happy, anyway.
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Plants? An electric kettle for making tea, ramen noodles, cocoa, etc? A mini-fridge (on the more expensive side, but less than a laptop)?
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Best answer: A subscription to a trashy tabloid magazine? Everyone in my highbrow workplace fights over copies of People and Us Weekly.
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Experiences are more valuable than things, or so said that article I just read (or most of my life experience to boot).

I'd suggest bringing them all to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner.
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A space heater.
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Best answer: Coffee of the month club, specifically Grounds for Change (fair trade, organic, yummy!).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the clever ideas, guys! Now I'd better get to shopping : )
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