Help me find this site!
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Help me find this site: it is a popular(?) blog with complete chronological integration with the author's twitter account and other social networks. The author MAY be some sort of PR guru or something. I remember so little about the site that googling proves to be unsuccessful.

The blog is really a friendfeed-like aggregation of everything the author does online in any social networking capacity, in order and with thematic posts (the twitter updates are within the chronological context of the blog posts and have a twitter theme). I know this is vague, but I'd be willing to bet that somebody out there knows exactly what I'm talking about.
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Response by poster: Extra points if you can point out a free, easy solution to do this for my own site.
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Response by poster: Christ. I wasted that question.
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Best answer: Could it be (On preview, never mind...)

He built it using Sweetcron, which is free and open-source, although you have to sign up to download it (he's the lead developer for the project).
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Best answer: You probably figured this out, but "lifestream" is the term for that sort of blog. Here's one site (randomly found on Google) that does it for you. There's also a wordpress plugin, as well as numerous other implementations.
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Best answer: You might also find this AskMe thread helpful: "How do I filter my entire digital life into one personal domain?"
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Best answer: There are wordpress plugins to handle each of these things independently, so with a little patience you could put something comparable together.
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Best answer: Another site similar to your description is It's the blog of Chris Boulton, the developer/owner of the MyBB forum software.
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Unhub recently launched.
Check out Obama's Unhub.
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