What did she $#&!ing say?
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Top Chef (this week's episode, the semi-final): At the judges table, Gail Simmons had a multisyllabic outburst of profanity that was bleeped. What did she say?
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OK, I haven't watched the episode yet, but I just skipped through and watched the judges' table. (Does this perhaps happen when they pick the winner/loser? Because I skipped that. Can you be more specific?) Anyway, in all the judging up to that point, no words were bleeped. She did say both shiitake and smokin' hot, though. Don't know if that helps.

I'll be watching the whole thing tomorrow, so if this still hasn't been answered by then I'll be back.
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Hmm. I watched it, and can confirm there was no censoring on my end. Strange.
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I sure don't remember that...
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Response by poster: Wow. This is very strange. I'm watching it via Amazon video on Demand. It happens after the chefs leave the judges table. First, they discuss Jeff, then Carla. They start to talk about Hosea--his Gumbo. First Tom says, "I think another strong competitor was Hosea." Emeril: "I loved his Gumbo." Then Tom talks about how Hosea new how to cook it well while a shot cuts away to Hosea cooking in the kitchen. Gail butts in and the camera switches to her and her next several words are bleeped out. (This is around 46:53 in the timing)

She starts out saying: "And he f[BEEEEEP] ..."

No one else hears that?
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Best answer: In my Tivo version, Emeril talks, they should Hosea cooking, they show the bowl of gumbo, and Tom says some stuff, and then Gail appears on camera. She says "and he found it exciting, and he kind of rose to it." No bleeping.
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Best answer: "...and he found it exciting and he kind of rose to it" is exactly what she says.
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haha, I guess I should refresh the page between starting to watch the segment and then actually posting...
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Response by poster: Well, that makes more sense in the context than "And he fucking tit cocks." I wonder how the bleep got edited in. Maybe the "found it ex-" triggered some sort of software censor. Thanks very much for the help everyone.
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I watched the show via iTunes last night, and we noticed the same bleep. My husband and I both burst out laughing because it was obviously a mistake, but it reminded us of the Jimmy Kimmel Unnecessary Censorship segments.
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Wow- that really takes censuring to the extreme. You may be right that it is software-based, Imposster. I was just watching Californication online (Showtime) and there is a scene where the guy is getting excited and says he is getting an "insurrection." A poorly dubbed insurrection, at that.
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