Find me a birthday marathon movie!
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Point me toward movies about birthdays, please. Bonus points for movies about turning 30 that don't involve Jennifer Garner.

My birthday is this weekend. I have had a sudden epiphany that I need to have a marathon of birthday movies, but all I can come up with off the top of my head is Sixteen Candles. And I love Molly Ringwald as much as the next 29-and-363-day-old, but I need more ideas. The movies don't need to revolve entirely around a birthday, but I'd like something a little more thematic than one random birthday scene in an otherwise non-birthday-related movie.

My tastes tend toward older movies (give me either Hepburn in a birthday movie and I'll be a happy lady), documentaries, foreign or independent movies, or something I'll remember in a fun nostalgic way from my misspent youth, like Molly. But I'm open to suggestion, so if you've got something more recent and popular, go ahead and list away.
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Best answer: One of my favorites: Logan's Run
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there's a Nicole Kidman movie from 2001 called "Birthday Girl", but I've just read the Wikipedia entry and it sounds like it has more to do with a Russian mail-order bride scam, so I'm not sure how "birthday" it is.
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Roue beat me to it. I came to recommend Logan's Run, which I watched with friends for my 30th birthday. I have to say it doesn't stand the test of time (frankly its awful now), but it's hilariously awful, if you're watching with friends who like cheesy scifi, and enjoy jeering and providing MST3K-style commentary over the top.
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'Last Kiss' puts new spin on turning 30

Plus this, just for fun:
Song Name: Turning Thirty
Artist Name: Randy Stonehill
Album: Stories
Songwriter: Randy Stonehill
Release Date: 1993.01.01
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Nnthing Logan's Run. It's must have video fun for you 30th birthday.
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A laughably dreadful TV movie seems to be on whenever I am flipping channels:
7 Things to do Before I'm 30. Great if you are in the mood to make fun of cheesy Lifetime movieness.

For a more serious/introspective (though less overtly "birthday!") movie, I think Company the Musical ends in a 35th birthday, and it has some great songs about life, adulthood, marriage, etc.
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After a quick Power Search of IMDB:
  • "Harold and Maude" in which Maude's 80th birthday is significant;
  • "The Game", in which the whole events of the movie are the result of a birthday present from Michael Douglas's brother
  • "Show Me Love" which is all about a teenage girl on her birthday.
  • "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" in which everyone's gathered for Big Daddy's birthday.
  • "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb" in which a fateful birthday present from Egypt starts off the plot
There are birthday episodes of "Buffy" in nearly every season (Surprise, Helpless, A New Man, Blood Ties, Older and Far Away), if you want to break up the movies.

And, I haven't seen it, but how can you go past a movie called 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia?
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200 Cigarettes is really much more of a New Years Eve movie, but Paul Rudd's birthday is one of many plot threads. I wouldn't have mentioned it except for your talk of 80s nostalgia.

Buffy did do a birthday show almost ever year at the same time, which I thought was pretty unique. Nothing in Season 7, but I believe they carried it on in the new Season 8 comic.
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"Tess" (as played by Melanie Griffith) turns 30 in Working Girl.
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2001: A Space Odyssey.

Think about it.
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My Best Friend's Birthday! Raw Tarentino. Its all on youtube.
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The Debut, Quinceanera (I haven't seen Q tho)
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What if

They put LSD in the D.C. water supply?

They lowered the voting age to 14?

They put everyone over 30 into reeducation camps?

They'd run

Wild in the Streets (1968)

An American International Pictures production
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Response by poster: Oh, dear lord, I can't believe I forgot Logan's Run. That's topping the list (and maybe for a bonus I'll watch it with Free Enterprise), but I'll check out some of these others too if I can get them on short notice. Thanks all!
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