Are there excellent "ecard" sites?
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Do you have an "ecard" site you could recommend? You know--smart, edgy, slightly weird, funny, artful, PG to R rated,--not all Christian-y or sappy or cheesy or cutsie!
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Best answer: Someecards.
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Best answer: wrongcards
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2nding someecards.
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3rding someecards
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Best answer: If you like the old antique look I've been fiddling with a small collection of vintage post cards. The sucker hasn't been tested, or even launched, but you may find something of interest. Self link.
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Best answer: These are old. And terrible. But, Insensitivity Cards.
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Best answer: Someecards also lets you make your own which is my favorite part about it.
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Best answer: Well since someecards has already been recommended thrice, I'll suggest something else.


And more specifically, Hoops & Yoyo @ Hallmark. I find them funny :)
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Best answer: Rudemountain.

I also like ATB, but it can be hit and miss about whether it's up and running. It also doesn't mail the ecards any more, you have to save the jpeg and mail it yourself. But that's preferable to email addresses going out there on the web. I particularly like the Times Square billboard and the morning paper.

When sending an ecard, I usually address it to myself at an old webmail address, then copy and paste the link to the card from there into a private email from my home email address to the intended recipient. That way I'm not giving out my friends' email addresses to strangers.
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cedar, those are great! Thanks so much!
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Best answer: They're plain text, but Cyranet has some funny ones for lots of occasions.
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Response by poster: thanks all-- I will never run out of options now!
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There used to be this great page on the site (doesn't exist anymore) called Dumpster Diver, which would pick a photo of a random piece of kitchy junk found in a dumpster, describe it and say " I found this _____ in the dumpster and immediately thought of you." They were hilarious.

I can't find this despite all my googling and archive.orging so I assume it was gone. But does anyone know if it's still around?
posted by Flying Squirrel at 3:58 PM on February 21, 2009 is great, but they're most definitely R to X rated. Not porn per se but adult situations and sounds.
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It's not free, but recipients generally enjoy cards from - and it's a great site for sending out piles of Xmas cards or whatever...
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I miss iCards on the site. However, I still use that old standby, the Virtual Florist, which I think I discovered around the same time I discovered Metafilter.
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