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How much would it cost to transport a medium sized dog to Canada from the Philippines?

It would be from Manila to Vancouver. No specific date.

The reason I'm not asking the airline is because our flight will probably have a couple day layover in Japan or Hong Kong, and I would think that that would be bad for the dog.

From working at YVR I know that there are shipping companys that ship dogs internationally, but I'm not having any luck finding them online.

I just need an estimate.
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Here is a page that does the service you are looking for, and provide an estimate within a day or three.

I've also had luck shipping a dog inside the country (Houston to Savannah) with both Continental Airlines and American. (Continental Cargo, American Cargo)

They have facilities to hold the animals, and probably then the only question is how much it'll cost you to house them with the airline vs other services.
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Maybe this site could help out with some of your questions
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I'd still try to ask for an estimate from an airline that goes direct (like Philippine Airlines) so your dog won't have any layovers and coordinate with a friend to pick the dog up in YVR since you'll still be traveling.
Maybe try searching for relocation companies, they probably have info. on their websites.
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My sister brought a rabbit in, the shipping was minimal but the extra vancianations pre-departure and the inspections and followup here cost a couple hundred dollars.

This Canadian Food Inspection Agency site seems to be the hub for pet importation information. Looks like there's no quarentine for dogs, which makes it a lot easier.
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