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Need recommendations for the best two or three books on Google Analytics from both a programming perspective and a biz/marketing person's analysis perspective.

I need to some recommendations on books that can help in both of the following areas:

1) how to implement necessary code throughout an ecomm site to leverage full capabilities of google analytics to track and understand usage

2) how to interpret, analyze and understand the results/data that comes back from google analytics
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1) What? You paste a code snippet in your page(s). That is all.

(don't have an answer for 2)
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Response by poster: Yeah, pal .. So get these code snippets from Jesus on Sunday?? I need a book that tells me which snippets I need where for analyzing ecomm traffic. If you don't know that ecomm requires a different set up than you can kindly refrain from any further answers
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After that reply I can only imagine what kind of assault a more helpful response would get.
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