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Is there any way to watch UNC basketball in the UK?

I'd like to be able to watch the rest of the season, the ACC tournament, and the NCAA tournament. But I'm going to be in England the whole time. I'll be somewhere with a very basic cable television service from Virgin (this one I think), so traditional TV doesn't seem to be an option. Is there any way to watch online?

I won't be in London, but might consider making the trip for the final tournament games if there is a pub showing them on a big screen.
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Try I use it for hockey games.

Might want to test it out tomorrow when they play Maryland
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Best answer: Never used it before, but googling shows that appears to stream live sports for free. Like wrnealis said, try the Maryland game tomorrow. Or even better, if you have a friend over there, have HIM try to watch it to see if there's any sort of regional restrictions on the stream. Good luck. Go Heels!
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Best answer: Can you access the NCAA March Madness on Demand streaming thing? That was our method of choice for day games when I was working at UNC. There's also ESPN360, which shows a lot of games, but accessing that might be even trickier (it depends on your internet provider, even in the States). Good luck! Go Heels!
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ESPN America (formerly known as NASN) shows college basketball most nights of the week, so they will be broadcast at least somewhere in the UK. Wish I could be more specific to your requirements, but at least you can be sure it's technically possible to see CBB on TV in this part of the world.
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