Can an unlocked Blackberry Pearl Flip work on AT&T's celluar network?
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Can I use an unlocked Blackberry Pearl Flip on AT&T's service?

I'm considering buying an unlocked Blackberry Pearl Flip phone from a website. But, I need to prove to a few people the phone will work on AT&T's service. I know both phones are GSM, but I just need confirmation.

Optionally, if anyone knows any places to buy unlocked cell phones that they deem reputable, I'd love to hear them. I already know where I'm going to buy, but there are always alternatives.
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If it's GSM and it's definitely unlocked, it should work fine. I've used unlocked phones on GSM networks with no trouble.
posted by heavenstobetsy at 6:01 AM on February 20, 2009

Should work. Its a quad-band phone, so even if it was sold in the European or Asian market it should work ehre.
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Just a side note, if you can find a locked phone for significantly cheaper, I'd go that route. Reputable retailers on eBay can sell you the unlock code for $10 or $20 and unlocking it yourself is very simple.

I unlocked my 8800 for $10.
posted by wfrgms at 9:50 AM on February 20, 2009

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