Does an Oscars for horror film only exist?
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What is the Oscar equivalent for horror films?

Or rather, what is the most recognized venue for celebrating the horror films of the past year? Are there classy or raunchy ones even? Which is the most popular.

If you know of one, is it easy to attend them?
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Check out the Saturn Awards and Spike TV's Scream Awards.
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I work for Spike and last year we offered about 500 tickets to the public (the show is in Los Angeles). I'm not sure f we're planning on doing that again because I don't work on the special events all that much, but I would suggest keeping an eye out for news about the next Scream Awards in the fall. Your best bet is probably to sign up for a Google News email alert so you'll get the press releases once they go out.
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Fantastic Fest is "the premiere genre film festival in the U.S.". Not necessarily the Oscars, but a festival that attracts the best of the best horror / sci fi/ slasher / time travel / crazy japanese shit movies from around the world every year. I've been to the awards ceremony before; winners must pound cheap beer.
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If I was looking for a list of the best horror films of the year I would pick up a year-end issue of Fangoria or Rue Morgue. The latter, at least, has a detailed list of awards at the end of each year broken down into genre-relevant categories (goriest, best independent, etc.)

[full disclosure - I'm a contributor to Rue Morgue]
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Screamfest definitely has the best trophy - a big shiny skull designed by Stan Winston.
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