Gallery of Web Apps?
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Is there a gallery like for web applications? Not marketing websites, web application UIs similar to this list from Jakob Nielsen?

As an UI designer, I'd love to see a regularly updated blog of well designed applications.
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Is this the sort of thing you're after?
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How about this Flickr page for the Designing Web Interfaces book?
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UI patterns and its blog. They focus on elements of design in the spirit of design patterns.
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Good links posted already. Here are a couple of other things that you may be interested in:

First is Feedmyapp. It is a gallery website for applications - may be what you are looking for.

Next are two sites that focus on individual elements of sites: Pattern Tap and Elements of Design. While not specifically covering web applications, but they do cover web applications as well as blogs and marketing sites and other things you find on the web.

Last I have to plug my own site (sorry) called ecommr. There I focus on design and interface elements from e-commerce sites.
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Edward Tufte often discusses UI elements with regard to infographics or data organization. You have to dig into the discussions to find some of the good stuff, but the user contributions & discussions are fascinating.
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SmashingApps is (as far as I know) the sister site of SmashingMagazine, and isn't precisely what you're looking for, but is focused more towards web apps.
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