Credit Card Processing for Freelancer
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Freelancer needs to process large credit card transactions.

One of my freelance clients (U.S. Fortune 50 company) wants to pay me via credit card for invoices under 10K.

I have a PayPal business account and a ProPay Premium account, but neither one is working for me. (PayPal throws an error when I try to enter a transaction on the corporate AmEx card, and ProPay wants me to leave $2000 in a reserve account for six months in order to increase my transaction limits.)

How can I get set up to accept transactions of this size as easily and cheaply as possible?
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What sort of error are you getting from PayPal? If it's to do with the card, the client will need to speak to PayPal about it.

I'm sorry if this is not helpful - the way I see it, you ARE able to accept credit card transactions via PayPal, so if it's a cardholder issue they [the clients] will need to resolve it at their end.

Getting merchant accounts from credit card companies would be cheaper in the long run, but ABSOLUTELY not worth it in terms of paperwork and getting set up. It's not for one-off transactions.
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Best answer: I've had good luck with Google Checkout.
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corporate amex cards often don't work for certain charges ... and i bet paypal is one of them. talk to amex.
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They're Fortune 50 and they can't cut a check in response to a Purchase Order and save you the card's 2.5% processing fee? I'm not sure I see how taking a credit card benefits you.
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Response by poster: "American Express has decided to decline PayPal credit card transactions that are funded with an American Express Corporate Card. As a result, any attempts to register or use an American Express Corporate Card will be denied."

Crap. Other ideas?

And orthogonality, this requirement is obviously not for my benefit....
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Response by poster: mynameisluka, it looks like you need a website to use Google Checkout. I need to be able to do this by phone/email.
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How do you mean? You just need to set up a Google account; it generates invoices that are sent to the client by email. They then click through to the Google-generated site and pay. No personal website necessary.

Is that what you were talking about?
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Response by poster: OK, I see now. I hadn't seen the Email Invoice option.

I'm signed up for Google Checkout -- we'll see if that works. Thanks!
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If Google doesn't work, Costco sells a service with fairly low (but not near-zero) costs. I looked into it a few years ago and at the time it was cheaper than other alternatives.
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