Moldy Kombucha!?
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My kombucha grew some mold... and then the mold went away. What happened? Is it safe to drink?

I made two batches of kombucha in one gallon jars and let them do their thing in the pantry. I checked on them about a week later and they'd gotten pretty fuzzy/moldy/gross. Instead of dumping the batch and starting all over with a new scoby, I let batch keep going. Now it's week later and the mold 's all gone!

Did the scoby eat the mold? Was there a bacteria battle in this glass jar?
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Wikipedia says, "If mold does grow on the surface of the kombucha pellicle, or "mushroom," it is best to throw out the batch and start afresh."
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The mold may be dead and gone, but the toxins it produced while it was alive are almost certainly not.

On preview, kate blank already noted that the Wikipedia article has a little more about contamination.
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Always tricky business when dealing with contamination.... But if you really want to save this culture, what I would suggest is discarding the juice and replacing with a little of the juice from your other "mushroom" and starting your fermentation over again. I would not drink the fermented biproduct, but if the fuzziness has disappeared, the culture has probably defeated the invading mould and should be safe to continue brewing....
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