Help my gum sockets stop itching (or at least itch a bit less)
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How can I calm my itchy wisdom tooth sockets?

My gums are crazy-itchy at the sites where I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted last Thursday. I know that this is likely a sign that they are healing, (and at least this isn't the dry socket pain I had two days ago!) but is there any way i can calm this insane itching of my gums? It's making me quite bonkers today. The oral surgeon said he never heard anyone complain of itching before, so no suggestions there either.

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Best answer: hahaha, oh man...sorry. Mine were kind of itchy, too. I think it had way more to do with me needing to fixate on the gaping holes in my mouth than there being any physical cause. I used the little syringe thing they give you to gently (gently, gently) spray the offending areas over and over. Another thing that helped was some seriously exaggerated mouth-breathing. I found that if I forced air back and forth over them, the stitches would wiggle just enough to relieve some of the itching. (I think the best thing, though, is to just will yourself to forget it, because there's really not a whole lot you can do. It should get better soon!)
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I'd try gargling with salt water. It's supposed to reduce inflammation, so maybe it'll help with the itching, too?
I wonder if you could take Benadryl? Or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen?
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Best answer: Make some hot mint tea. Take the teabags out and toss them in the freezer until they are cold but not frozen. Chew on them. Makes your mouth taste less bloody, the coolness helps the itch & tea is calming.
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I had the same thing. Nothing really helped it go away completely at the time. Although, gargling salt water did help the symptoms (which of course came back a couple hours later). I also sucked those numbing Cepacol throat lozenges which helped while I was sucking anyway. The itching lasted about a week for me, although the really annoying intense itching was only for a couple days.
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Maybe some Orajel to help the nerves calm down quickly, along with some ibuprofen to keep it that way for a while? It works for our little teething son.
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Rub a little whiskey into your gums.
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It's been a number of years, but I found the itching/tingling wasn't healing but the sensation coming back after my gum nerves had been traumatized. Salt water is ok, but Biotene is awesome.
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Best answer: Itching, in this case, is just low grade pain. Nsaids should do the trick. Keep the sockets free of debris, follow the surgeon's post-op instructions and your symptoms will gradually improve.
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Response by poster: continuing with the advil, cooled-down peppermint tea, and willing myself to try to ignore it, tended to workthe best. It's never altogether gone, but it's been much more manageable. Thanks guys.
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